Rares Crisan

VP of Technology

Rares Crisan joined GGV in 2021 and works to support the investment teams with product and technical due diligence. He supports platform services through internal product and technology initiatives. In addition to his internal work, he also works directly with portfolio companies to support product and technical challenges or uncertainties.

Prior to joining GGV, Rares was a co-founder and CTO of a venture-backed artificial intelligence design platform as well as an information officer for a digital hospitality brand. Rares has worked predominantly in the Canadian technology startup market as a product and systems architect. He has a BsCS in Biomedical Computing, a J.D. from the Peter A. Allard School of Law at the University of British Columbia, and was a Master's of Biomedical Engineering candidate with a focus in computer-assisted surgery. He is also an accomplished member of the Canadian National Rowing Team where he was a national champion, multiple World Cup medalist, and earned a Bronze Medal at the 2010 World Championships.

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Silicon Valley

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