The GGV Capital Portfolio

Expanding our Internet of Things portfolio

We are excited to announce that we have added three new companies to our existing portfolio of five in the Internet of Things sector.

By 2017 there will be more things connected to the internet than PCs, laptops, and cell phones combined. The new IoT platforms that are emerging will enable the aggregation and analysis of data from a variety of sources and will connect to mobile payments, commerce, and other services in all new ways.

Why Cyber-Security is the Next Big Thing

Over the past 18 months, the world has witnessed ever larger and more frequent security breaches of trusted IT systems. Target, Anthem, Sony, Uber… the list is getting longer. The costs are increasing – executives are getting fired and companies are losing market value as consumer trust wavers. While all of this is terrifying, the consequences of future cyber crimes will be even more dire. The perpetrators – organized, profit-motivated global crime rings and state-sponsored entities looking to advance political ideologies – are getting stronger.


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