Founder Real Talk

From GGV, this is Founder Real Talk, where we get real about the challenges that founders and startup executives face, and how they’ve grown from tough experiences. Hosted by Glenn Solomon, Managing Partner at GGV Capital.


Episode 66 - Guillermo Rauch, Founder & CEO of Vercel, on Using Open-Source to Make the Web Faster
Guillermo Rauch is the Founder and CEO of Vercel, a cloud platform provider used to develop, preview, and ship frontend websites and applications using their Next.js open-source framework. Originally from Argentina, Guillermo taught himself JavaScript at just eleven years old and has developed multiple open-source libraries since then. He would go on to co-found LearnBoost […]
Episode 65 - Matan Bar, Co-Founder & CEO of Melio, on Bridging the Gap Between B2B and AP Automation
Matan Bar is the Co-Founder and CEO of Melio, the B2B online payment service that allows small businesses to manage payments and receivables digitally. While consumers have been using peer-to-peer payment services for years, many small businesses were still sending checks in the mail, waiting days or even weeks for payments to go through. Now, […]
Episode 64 - Tomer Weingarten, Co-Founder & CEO of SentinelOne, on Facilitating the Next Generation of Endpoint Security
Tomer Weingarten is the Co-Founder and CEO of SentinelOne, an autonomous endpoint security platform with over 6,000 customers worldwide. SentinelOne prevents cyberattacks in real-time using AI and machine automation and helps companies adopt new technologies while staying protected. Before founding SentinelOne, Tomer worked as a software developer and founded multiple companies. SentinelOne now has over […]
Episode 63 - Sarika Garg, Co-founder & CEO of Cacheflow, on Rethinking SaaS Buying and Following Your Curiosity
In this 15 minute salon episode, Sarika Garg, Co-founder & CEO of Cacheflow, shares why she and her Co-founder, Brian Zotter, decided to tackle the traditional SaaS buying experience with buy-now-pay-later. Cacheflow’s innovative approach has the potential to impact the way software is bought and sold across the global enterprise SaaS market, which is set […]
Episode 62 - Adam Markowitz, Co-Founder & CEO of Drata, on Maintaining SOC 2 Compliance and Healthy Competition
Adam Markowitz is the Co-founder and CEO of Drata, the San Diego-based startup that provides companies with fast and efficient automated security compliance, a once painstakingly long and arduous process. A former rocket scientist, Adam founded his first startup, Portfolium, in 2013 and created a network of over 5M students, connecting them to mentors and […]