Founder Real Talk

From GGV, this is Founder Real Talk, where we get real about the challenges that founders and startup executives face, and how they’ve grown from tough experiences. Hosted by Glenn Solomon, Managing Partner at GGV Capital.


Rich Waldron, CEO & Co-Founder of, on Delivering Low-Code, Cloud-First Automation at Scale
Rich Waldron is the CEO and co-founder of, a company he founded with his two best friends. This is the second time we're talking to Rich on Founder Real Talk, make sure to check out his episode from 2019! Software has been around for a long time, and in many different forms. On the […]
Episode 73 - Kishore Gopalakrishna, Co-founder and CEO of StarTree, on Building Real-Time Analytics and Leveraging Community Support
Kishore Gopalakrishna, co-founder and CEO of StarTree, created a solution to a database problem with his co-worker and eventual co-founder Xiang Fu while working at LinkedIn. At the time, LinkedIn was debuting its now-popular feature called Who's Viewed Your Profile, which required the ability to slice and dice massive amounts of data in real time. […]
Episode 72 - Sid Sijbrandij, CEO of GitLab Inc., on Using Open Source for Transparency and Remote Work
Sid Sijbrandij is the CEO of GitLab Inc., the one DevOps platform that allows teams to collaborate, create, and deliver software in a single application. Before founding GitLab Inc. in 2012, he worked on recreational submarines and taught himself to code. He went on to work at the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security, where […]
Episode 71 - Nikita Shamgunov, CEO of Neon, on Providing the Fabric That Runs the Internet
Nikita Shamgunov is the CEO of Neon, a new company building the next-generation serverless Postgres database. Nikita got his Ph.D. in St. Petersburg and worked as an engineer at Microsoft and Facebook before going on to co-found SingleStore, an analytical database company. At SingleStore, Nikita realized the massive size of the transaction databases market and […]
Episode 70 - Ryan Johnson, Co-founder & CEO of Culdesac, on Leveraging Technology to Build Car-Free Neighborhoods
Ryan Johnson is the co-founder and CEO of Culdesac, which is working to build the first car-free city in the United States. After turning down M.I.T. and dropping out of Harvard, he chose to learn from the executives at Opendoor before co-founding Culdesac in 2018. Ryan has traveled to over 60 countries, but after visiting […]