Founder Real Talk

From GGV, this is Founder Real Talk, where we get real about the challenges that founders and startup executives face, and how they’ve grown from tough experiences. Hosted by Glenn Solomon, Managing Partner at GGV Capital.


Episode 78 - Tony Holdstock-Brown & Dan Farrelly, Inngest Co-founders, on Embracing Feedback from Early Customers
CEO Tony Holdstock-Brown and CTO Dan Farrelly are the co-founders of Inngest, a startup that’s building a serverless, event-driven workflow platform to help developers create better apps with simpler, more intuitive tools.  The duo reflects on the engineering career paths that ultimately led them to meeting in a co-working space in New York City, plus […]
Episode 77 - Nicole Perlroth, Cybersecurity Advisor and Author, on Modern-Day Cybersecurity
Nicole Perlroth is an advisor to the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, and the bestselling author of the 2021 book This is How They Tell Me The World Ends, a groundbreaking in-depth exploration of the global cyber arms race. Prior to that, she spent a decade as the lead cybersecurity, digital […]
Episode 76 - Dani Grant, Co-Founder and CEO of, on Building and Iterating a Sticky Product
Dani Grant is the co-founder and CEO of, a developer tool that allows for faster communication between product and engineering about bugs and fixes. While working at Cloudflare as a product manager, Dani and her eventual co-founder Mohd Irtefa dealt with frustrating debugging experiences first-hand, and came up with a product solution to help […]
Episode 75 - Idan Tendler, SVP of Application Security at Palo Alto Networks, on Nailing Go-To-Market and Learning From Mistakes
Idan Tendler is the Senior Vice President of Application Security at Palo Alto Networks, as well as the chairman and co-founder of Place-IL, a nonprofit tech initiative. Idan discusses his previous cybersecurity analytics startup, Fortscale (later acquired by RSA Security), and some key lessons he learned from his experience building the company. Before Fortscale, Idan […]
Episode 74 - Rich Waldron, CEO & Co-Founder of, on Delivering Low-Code, Cloud-First Automation at Scale
Rich Waldron is the CEO and co-founder of, a company he founded with his two best friends. This is the second time we're talking to Rich on Founder Real Talk, make sure to check out his episode from 2019! Software has been around for a long time, and in many different forms. On the […]