Founder Real Talk

From GGV, this is Founder Real Talk, where we get real about the challenges that founders and startup executives face, and how they’ve grown from tough experiences. Hosted by Glenn Solomon, Managing Partner at GGV Capital.


Episode 56 - Guy Podjarny, Co-founder & President of Snyk, on Taking Small Steps Towards a Big Vision
Guy Podjarny is the Co-Founder, President, Chairman of the Board, and former CEO of Snyk, the leader in developer-first “cloud native” application security. Before co-founding Snyk in 2015, Guy helped develop AppScan and co-founded (acquired by Akamai in 2012). In 2020, Snyk won four Best Places to Work awards and was named a CNBC […]
Episode 55 - Zvi Schreiber, Founder & CEO of Freightos, on Modernizing an Archaic Industry
Zvi Schreiber is the Founder and CEO of Freightos, the company on a mission to completely optimize and modernize the world of international freight shipping. Before founding Freightos in 2012, Zvi has had an extensive background as Founder and CEO of multiple companies including Unicorn Solutions, which was acquired by IBM in 2006. Founded in […]
Episode 54 - Ali Ghodsi, CEO & Co-founder of Databricks, on Betting Big on the Cloud to Build a $28B Company
Ali Ghodsi is the CEO and Co-Founder of Databricks, an AI-enabled, open source data analytics platform company, valued today at more than $28 billion. Over 5,000 companies use the company’s open source-driven lakehouse architecture to process, engineer, and analyze their unstructured and semi-structured data. In this episode, Ali shares how an open source project he […]
Episode 53 - Amit Bendov, Co-founder & CEO of Gong, on Investing In Your Product and Your Team
Amit Bendov is the Co-Founder and CEO of Gong, a revenue intelligence platform that analyzes the data of sales calls, emails, texts, and social media to create insights to optimize company sales. Founded in Tel Aviv in 2015, Gong is valued at over $2B today. With more people working from home, Gong has been able […]
Episode 52 - Thierry Schellenbach, Co-founder & CEO of Stream, on Scaling Fast in a Remote Environment
Thierry Schellenbach is the Co-founder and CEO of Stream, a scalable API platform that’s growing rapidly. After the acquisition of his previous company, Fashiolista, Thierry set out to help create a scalable API for chat and activity feeds that can keep up with company growth. Thierry founded Stream in 2014 in his home country of […]