Episode 71 - Nikita Shamgunov, CEO of Neon, on Providing the Fabric That Runs the Internet

Nikita Shamgunov is the CEO of Neon, a new company building the next-generation serverless Postgres database. Nikita got his Ph.D. in St. Petersburg and worked as an engineer at Microsoft and Facebook before going on to co-found SingleStore, an analytical database company. At SingleStore, Nikita realized the massive size of the transaction databases market and the ubiquity of Postgres, the popular open-source database—all of which led him to found Neon.

Neon separates the storage and compute functions to create a truly affordable and compelling cloud native Postgres. In this episode, Nikita talks to us about working with his co-founders Stas and Heikki, incubating Neon at Khosla Ventures (where Nikita is a partner), and the implications of separating compute and storage.