Episode 70 - Ryan Johnson, Co-founder & CEO of Culdesac, on Leveraging Technology to Build Car-Free Neighborhoods

Ryan Johnson is the co-founder and CEO of Culdesac, which is working to build the first car-free city in the United States. After turning down M.I.T. and dropping out of Harvard, he chose to learn from the executives at Opendoor before co-founding Culdesac in 2018.

Ryan has traveled to over 60 countries, but after visiting pedestrian and cyclist-friendly cities like Budapest and Amsterdam, Ryan was inspired to create a new city from scratch. Culdesac's first neighborhood, Culdesac Tempe, is currently being built in Arizona. The neighborhood opens later this year and will have 1,000 residents on 17 acres. Residents receive a suite of mobility benefits, including free access to light rail, street cars, and buses.

In this episode, Ryan talks to us about building infrastructure from the ground up and how Culdesac provides people with life at their front door.