Episode 63 - Sarika Garg, Co-founder & CEO of Cacheflow, on Rethinking SaaS Buying and Following Your Curiosity

In this 15-minute salon episode, Cacheflow Co-founder and CEO Sarika Garg shares why she and Co-founder Brian Zotter decided to tackle the traditional SaaS buying experience with buy-now-pay-later.

Cacheflow’s innovative approach has the potential to impact the way software is bought and sold across the global enterprise SaaS market, which is set to reach $400 billion in annual sales worldwide by 2025. Sarika was previously Chief Strategy Officer at procurement financing unicorn Tradeshift, where she helped build an invoice factoring business for suppliers and an AP automation platform for buyers. She spent the previous 13 years working at SAP, most recently running SAP Ariba, where she drove over $200M in sell-side revenue for Ariba cloud.