Episode 62 - Adam Markowitz, Co-founder & CEO of Drata, on Maintaining SOC 2 Compliance and Healthy Competition

Adam Markowitz is the co-founder and CEO of Drata, the San Diego-based startup that provides companies with fast and efficient automated security compliance, a once painstakingly long and arduous process.

A former rocket scientist, Adam founded his first startup, Portfolium, in 2013 and created a network of over 5 million students, connecting them to mentors and future employers. Six years later, he sold the company for $43M when he was just 32 years old.

The first line of Drata’s code was written in July 2020, and the company has skyrocketed. GGV led Drata’s $25M Series A round earlier this year. Drata just announced a $100M Series B financing, making the company a “unicorn” in an incredibly fast period. This episode is co-hosted by GGV investor Oren Yunger.