Episode 60 - Ariel Cohen, Co-founder & CEO of TripActions, on Building Tools for a Better Corporate Citizen

Ariel Cohen is the co-founder and CEO of TripActions, the cloud-based platform that uses real-time data to make corporate travel and spending easier for everyone while cutting down on company costs.

Founded in 2015, TripActions saw exponential growth and a $4 billion valuation before the travel industry came to a grinding halt during the onset of COVID-19. After making key pivots, TripActions quickly recovered with the release of TripActions Liquid, their spending management solution, and recently had a successful Series E upround, raising $155 million at a $5B valuation.

In this episode, Ariel talks about creating win-win situations and bringing his company back from the unthinkable. This episode is co-hosted by GGV Capital Investor Oren Yunger.