Episode 50 - Daniel Schreiber, Co-founder & CEO of Lemonade, on Creating a Vision That Others Can Adopt

Daniel Schreiber is the Co-Founder and CEO of Lemonade, the AI-powered insurance company with a commitment to making a positive social impact, that has risen to the top of the industry in less than five years. Founded in 2015, Daniel and his Co-founder, Shai Wininger set out to change the way we use insurance and instead present it as a 100% digital community resource meant to help those in their hour of need. With its Giveback program, successful 2020 IPO, and more than one million active users, Lemonade is paving the way for the future of insurance on a global scale. In this episode, Daniel talks about what makes a great founder and CEO, the importance of resilience in the tech industry, and more. This episode is co-hosted by GGV Capital Investor, Oren Yunger.