Episode 36 - Israel Series Part 2: Slavik Markovich, Co-founder & CEO of Demisto, on Listening to Your Gut and to Your Customer

This is the second episode in the Founder Real Talk Israeli Entrepreneur Series, a group of episodes dedicated to getting to know Israeli founders and their companies. Known as Startup Nation, Israel creates more companies per capita than any other country, with one startup for every 1,400 people. Read more about GGV’s commitment to funding and supporting the next generation of Israeli entrepreneurs. This series is co-hosted by GGV Capital investor Oren Yunger.

Slavik Markovich is the Co-founder and CEO of Demisto, a leading Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform that helps security teams accelerate incident response, standardize and scale processes, and learn from each incident while working together. Slavik sold Demisto to Palo Alto Networks in Feb 2019, less than four years after its founding, for over $560 million.

Starting from his early days in the Israeli military, Slavik shares his thought process while walking us through his impressive journey. From founding his first company, Sentrigo, in 2006 to moving from Israel to the Bay Area in 2008, to building Demisto and ultimately getting acquired by Palo Alto Networks, Slavik’s story is noteworthy and full of lessons for current and future founders.