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How to Get Started on Streaming TV: Lessons from Tatari

May 27, 2020

There are many common misconceptions when it comes to TV advertising. In last week’s GGV Evolving E masterclass with TatariPhilip Inghelbrecht, Co-founder & CEO, and Skyler Logsdon, Tatari’s Head of Sales, explained why these misconceptions are flawed and how brands can get started on streaming TV and drive user acquisition at scale. Here’s what we learned:

  1. TV is not dying. It’s alive and well. People spend more time consuming content on their TV than on their phones on a daily basis. 30% of TV consumption is from streaming and 90% of U.S. adults can be reached on connected TVs. TV viewership is also up due to the impact of the Coronavirus. In March of this year, there were 85% more minutes spent watching streaming than in March 2019.
  2. The majority of streaming TV is not consumed via mobile. Streaming TV is largely consumed on the big screen. Hulu reported that more than 80% of their viewership is on flat screen. 
  3. Hulu and Roku are not the only players. Streaming is not limited to these two platforms. There are hundreds if not thousands of quality publishers out there. Don’t underestimate names you may not have heard of like Tubi and FuboTV, which can easily drive 10 to 20 million viewers on a monthly basis. Don’t forget all of the cable networks that are rebroadcasting cable signals via IP into streaming TV.
  4. Streaming is not just for young people who don’t watch cable. For many streaming publishers, the majority of their audience is aged 50+. You can find any audience in streaming – it’s not just the cord-cutter young demographic. 

Just five years ago, it was common for advertisers to throw a ton of money at each network and pray something would stick. Tatari was born three years ago to enable testing at a smaller scale and inject digital capabilities into TV advertising. Today, programmatic streaming allows advertisers to use 1st and 3rd party demographic and psychographic data to target specific audiences at a lower cost. 

For those venturing into streaming, Philip advised that while it’s important to have goals in mind, remember that TV advertising drives scale. When thinking about scale, consider leveraging streaming TV with Linear TV to achieve even larger scale user acquisition at a profitable CPA. To bring a campaign above $5-10 million, Linear TV will be part of your portfolio. This will take you into the daunting world of brand advertising. 

As you move from performance optimization (streaming) into scaling (add linear) and eventually to brand advertising, the metrics and tools you use will change.

To get a better sense of those metrics and tools, check out Tatari’s streaming guide here

Watch the full masterclass here

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This masterclass was a part of GGV Capital’s Evolving E series. Evolving E is an ecommerce tech community that began in 2016 as a summit in New York for the top entrepreneurs and executives in the ecommerce, retail and consumer goods sectors. Today it has expanded to include online and offline dinner series, masterclasses, and gatherings with an ecommerce community from around the world.