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Founders + Leaders is a growth platform designed to help startup teams scale and win. Expert-led master classes and tactical playbooks provide founders and their leadership teams with solutions to common challenges and a community of experienced support.

“GGV’s Founders + Leaders program is the only way we were able to train all our managers in real time, so they scale as we grow.”

—Ryan Denehy, CEO and Founder of Electric


Scale yourself as a leader and develop critical skills with curriculum built by the experts who have been there.

Foundations of People Management

Learn the core fundamentals of leading people and managing their daily performance.

Management Fundamentals

Develop foundational skills to confidently lead and inspire a growing team. This workshop is tailored especially for first-time people leaders.

Hard Conversations

Learn how to effectively navigate difficult conversations across your teams. Leave with a framework for giving and receiving challenging feedback.

Managing For Strengths

Maximize output and build high-performance teams by identifying and managing your team’s strengths to drive performance and personal growth.

Managing People and Teams

Expand and deepen your people management knowledge with leadership concepts and actionable playbooks.

Managing Performance and the 1:1

Learn how to establish effective goals, facilitate performance through the weekly check-in, address under-performance, and conduct growth conversations.

Tackling Implicit Bias

Examine the scope and impact of biases on decision-making and behavior. Explore common manifestations of bias among teams, and learn how to mitigate bias to make more effective decisions and produce better outcomes.

Managing Managers

Build and refine the skills required to manage managers effectively. This how-to session focuses on developing coaching skills, effective planning and performance review, and shifting to advisor-influencer as a new skill in the relationship.

Leading People and Shaping Culture

Develop your skills with more advanced people management concepts and their practical application.

Managing Change

Mitigate the impact of change on people and teams through practical frameworks for planning and communication. Address the psychological and behavioral consequences of change, learn to maintain motivation, and minimize turbulence.

Managing Upwards

Learn how to build rapport and productive relationships with leaders in your organization. Key topics include expectation management, strengths alignment, upward feedback, and developing listening skills in both in-person and remote settings.

Coaching Session

Conclude the “Leading People and Shaping Culture” certification track with a 1:1 coaching session with Founders + Leaders facilitators discussing and building upon previous workshop learnings.


Access workshops focused on accelerating your go-to-market strategy and capabilities.

Go Global

Immerse yourself in a full-day class for leaders who recognize the growth opportunities of a global marketplace. Leave with a clear framework for your team to understand the potential of and road map to international expansion. Applicable regardless of current size or company stage.


Test and refine your company’s unique story to break through the noise and competition of the current media landscape and attract more business, new clients, and investors. Includes 1:1 coaching by expert facilitators.


Gain insights and acquire practiced pitch development strategies to prepare you and your team to secure the next round of funding and achieve new levels of growth. Includes collaboration with the GGV Capital investment team.
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“We appreciate the ability to lean on Founders + Leaders and really invest in our team members who frankly are our very best. For them, it's this opportunity to grow their career and have a greater impact at Brightwheel.”

—Dave Vasen, Founder & CEO at Brightwheel

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